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Matka Kulfi In Jaipur

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Looking for a simple dessert to make that is a little out of the ordinary ? Visit Panna Lal Kulfi Wale Kulfi is not an ICE Cream, Though it is referred to as Indian ice cream made without artificial flavours. it is a bit different from ice cream. Because the kulfi is not whipped, it creates a dense texture. Kulfi is more dense and creamier than ice cream. As such, it takes a longer time to melt than traditional ice cream. visit our shop and taste delicious Matka Kulfi made of pure Milk, Kesar, Pista and Elaichi. 100 years old famous kulfi shop in Jaipur - Panna Lal Kulfi Wale 1242, Achar walon ki gali, Gopal ji ka rasta, Johri bazar, Jaipur Kulfi is not an ICE Cream, A Kulfi is a Kulfi made without artificial flavours. Best Kulfi Shop in Jaipur